Dental laboratory vacuum mixer for coatings and plasters

New mixing concept! MS MAXMIX introduce an innovation system to obtain maximum uniformity mixing and easy cup handling fitting.
With inclination of the attack of 10 ° all residues moves on the center to obtain free bubble results and avoid waste materials.
It is a compact and performant mixer for plasters, investments and silicone used in dental sector.
It is equipped with powerful and silent gear motor.
Quick and easy way to set parameters by rotary knob.
Equipped with dry vacuum pump. Maintenance free: no need for compressed air, no oil required.


  • Fast and easy digital electronic timer to set the appropriate cycle time
  • Homogeneous mixing with perfect bubble free results
  • Unidirectional rotation. Fixed speed at 400rpm
  • Buzzer alarm sounds at the end of cycle
  • Easy and better handling system attach

Available with table or wall support.

Delivered with mounting set installation and 500 cc cup. Transparent or blue colors.

We have in our range bowls (SAN materials, stainless steel, paddle and filter) 200cc, 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc.

On demand MS MAXMIX programmable version, where it is possible to set time, speed (from 0 to 400 rpm) and sense of rotation.

It is possible to choose among 32 automatic mixing cycles: 10 for plaster, 10 for coating, 10 for alginate and 2 free cycles.

Power supply

110 / 220 Volt


140 W

Motor torque

12 N/m


0-400 rpm, 400 rpm


0.8 bar


16 × 22 × 30 cm, 16 × 22 × 62 cm


8.5 kg, 10 kg