Dental or jewelry lab professional sandblaster

MS SANDY can be set with 1, 2 or 3 customizable tanks and with recycling system. Recycling allows you to save abrasive and to obtain greater blasting power for coarse sandblasting. The working pressure can be controlled by the pressure regulator. The collected sand is reused through a 4 mm diameter nozzle. It works with two different pedals: one for coarse sandblasting, the other for micro sandblasting. It is necessary to connect the sandblaster to an aspirator using the hole on the side of the cabin.


  • Easy and comfortable handy job
  • Excellent extraction system
  • Accurate sandblasting process
  • Easy sandblasting control by pneumatic pedal
  • Sandblasting chamber with 9W LED lighting system
  • Plexiglass door for safe and practical everyday job. Easy to replace.
  • Manometer to display the pressure

9 W

Grain size range

80-90; 90-125; 150-250 μm


17 kg


38 × 57 × 43 cm