UV light polymerization device for dental composites, resins and 3D prints

A very versatile multifunctional device for the light curing of any type of composite, resins and 3D printed models.
It covers a broad spectrum of wavelengths of light thanks to its different light sources: 4 LEDs and an additional halogen lamp. Lights operating intermittently, the thermostat block and the fan for constant air ventilation help to maintain a safe temperature of 45-50°C to avoid overheating and, consequently, unwanted deformation of the models. A rotating plate allows optimal polymerization of the whole model for a perfect result.


  • Versatile, high performance curing light
  • Stainless steel chamber (15 × 16 × 10 cm)
  • Inspector window
  • Wide spectrum of wavelengths of light suitable for different types of materials
  • Efficient cooling system (fan + thermostat)
  • Temperature control for no deformation of the models
  • Plexiglass turntable for homogeneous light penetration
  • Depending on the material to be light-cured, you can choose to use LEDs + halogen lamps or just LEDs

360 W + 100 W


4 LEDs (40W each) covering a wavelength of 385-425nm
1 halogen lamp (100W) covering a wavelength of 385-550nm

Wavelength range

385–550 nm


0-99 seconds


15 × 16 × 10 cm


22 × 30 × 30 cm


10 kg